Advanced Meme Generator

MemeMakerScript is no doubt the most advanced and the most affordable meme generator script, which lets you setup a fully functional website with the matter of few clicks. It comes with an advanced Rage Comic Editor which has features like drag, rotate, scale, putting additional images, adding unlimited text, drawing with pencil, etc. Supports advertisements so that you can make tons of money. Comes with builtin and existing social networking support so that you can drive a huge amount of viral traffic to your website. What else one could dream of? know your meme

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Meme Website/Script features:

Easy installation

Script comes with a easy installer. In matter of no time you will be able to setup a complete working meme generator website. No technical knowledge required.

Google Advertisement Support

The script by default support 3 ad units perfectly placed into the layout. If you wish to add more ads you can easily edit the html files.

Search engine friendly

We have build this meme generator script very carefully, considering all the tricks of SEO. By using proper HTML tags, search engine friendly urls (clean urls), page titles, page descriptions, etc which can be changed easily.

Meme listing

Memes are listed in three tabs i.e. latest memes, popular memes, trending memes and featured memes. Also top memes, weekly top are displayed on the sidebars.

Social media integration

Your visitors are able to login with facebook and google, share memes using facebook, twitter, google plus. Comment on memes using facebook comments. That mean you can drive a huge amount of viral traffic to your website.

Built in social networking

Not only existing social networking websites are integrated with the script but the script itself comes with some social media features. Like users can follow each other, top users are promoted on the front page, users can like memes, see likes of other users, etc.

Advanced admin panel

Comes with an advanced admin panel. From where you can manage approve/disapprove/delete memes, feature memes, etc. Manage users, manage social networking settings, manage watermark settings, add static pages in header and footer, manage advertisements, etc.

Rage Comic Editor / Meme Generator Features:

Meme Backgrounds

Choose among different meme backgrounds. The script comes with some initial backgrounds. However, you can add additional backgrounds to it. And your users can also upload custom backgrounds.

Additional Image

Besides meme backgrounds, you can also upload or choose among different additional images like hat, ball, glasses, etc to give your meme a twist.

Image Filters

The script comes with 11 image filters like sharpen, brighten, emboss, blur, sepia, add noise, greyscale, etc.

Draw with pencil

Unlike other meme generators with this script you can draw with pencil, change stroke size, stroke color, scale, rotate, edit, remove what you draw, move the strokes that you draw over the canvas and much more.

Place unlimited text

Place unlimited text, change stroke size, stroke color, text color, rotate, scale. You have freedom of choice. Best to make Rage Comics.

Much much more...

There are many features checkout the demo.